Monday, November 2, 2009

it doesnt matter....

Lupakan perihal stady.

Kalau nk stady. Then u go stady.

N if u refused 2 stady? Wat 2 do?

Rite? N 4 ur information.

Im not stady at all. HAHA

Im juz stady afta my dinner until 11 or 12 am.

Then. Im going 4 the HUA HUA HUA.

Chit chat here n there. HAHA

Dats me.

Y im not updating my blog?

Not bcos im focusing on my sh** exam.

But. Bcos. Im not in a mood!

HAHA. Stop gossip-ing im stady hard 4 tis coming exam.

No. no. totally not.

**lepaking or maybe karoke-ing**

Yes,u may asked me!!!


somebody told me 2 stay cool at least 4 tis exam.

Ya,im not cold enough 4 u dear?

Love? Watefak.

Im in love? Really?

How did u noe dear?

Love. Hah. Tis is the part when ive 2 stay calm n look innocents.

HAHA should i?

Haih . tade soalan len ke nk tnya?

Apa ada dgn cinta? Ape? Come n tell me.

Love is sucks! Believe it or not?

Ape yg aku merepek nie? Hihhihi.

Sje. Maybe im not in a mood?

Maybe. Maybe. Or maybe. Im in a gud mood 2 talk bout love?

Ya. Ya. Maybe.

Love. Love. Im not a dr love!

Im juz love 2 be a lover.

HAHA 4 u maybe? Tetttt.

No laaa….

People always asked me. Hey,u have someone rite?

Haih,wat someone ha?

Someone la.. ~~cinta~~

Aiyooo. Is it true?

Let me be honest oke?

Dlu. (past tense oke?)

I love someone. She always on my mind. Huh,sucks rite?

People. Come on laaa.

Cinta akan wat kite xtido malam.

Kan? Kan?

But. She’s not mine. Dats it.


N now (present tense plak)

Im single!

Ahaks. Really?

Confused. Confused.

I don’t know!

There’s must be a reason 4 tis confusion.

Omaigod im out of my mind wif choosing tis topic 4 my entry!

Single. Or not?

I don’t know! As long as..

Selagi ada cinta.. dats mean im taken. Rite? Hihii.

Yah.. I love tis.

Selagi ada cinta.. im yours!

So. U got the answer??

Should I post tis entry…


I don’t know. Im not in a mood..

Miss someone!

Really! Is it love~~~~

I don’t know..

Think positive la..but, could i? huhuhu.


I don’t miss u la!!!!!

I don’t want tis kind of feeling!

Dont u miss me?

But it seems like it doesn’t matter..

Oooh tis is really sucks~

How do I live..

Without u?



im totally blue without u~


hati penat -kah?

extra1 : im so sorry.

extra2 : really i mean it. i missin u!


aNiSa hANg tUaH said...

ceh.status: single atau pun
its complicated
love is suck.


BuLaN iTu aKu said...

siapa la yang dirindui tu..
merana badan oii kalau status complicated.... heheheheheh

DIVA sopan said...

aku ska beberapa statment yg ko guna syg,..

antaranya :

1) tinh positip
2) selagi ada cinta
3) i'm yours
4) love is suck!
5) how do i live,..without u,..

very thehhhh...

feelinblue said...


aku milik dia. hihi

feelinblue said...



erm dia la!


feelinblue said...


harus la.

ko jgn caras k.

DIVA sopan said...

motip caras???
not mine syg,..

love u!!!