Monday, September 20, 2010

dua puluh september~!

it's finally 20/9/10.
happy annivesary sayang, even now u're with someone else, but im happy for u.
i wont let any teardrops ran down my face again, without u there to wipe it out.
i dont know if this is wrong, but once again.
I LOVE U, my light eyes!

all i ever wanted


Kyuubi_85 said...

x slh syg kat org.. :) but dont overdo it until diri sndri lak yg susah :D
aanyway, slmt hari raya! lma x dtg sini hehe

Linglung said...

derr.. x salah nak wish walau benda dah lepas kan? mcm Kyuubi_85 ckp..dont overdo it

ikut Nike ckp..just do it!

feelinblue said...

kyuubi & linglung

bukan takat overdo, overdos sudah. haha


mata cahaya said...

Happy Anniversary. May the strongest stay standing stronger.

feelinblue said...

here u r again.
it really suprised me!

thank u.
stronger than yesterday.
dat is the fact.